IMG_1203 A spider came upon us. IMG_1205 Jamison, enjoying the sun after leading me up a brutal vertical swamp that almost made me pass out. IMG_1208 No trout that we could see... IMG_1209 Above the stream IMG_1211 Our first view of the valley from the mountain. IMG_1215 Same stream from higher up the hill... IMG_1217 Looking like I'm on top, but I'm not by a long shot. IMG_1220 Snow break. IMG_1223 Miles to go... IMG_1225 Another view of the valley. Notice the Mendenhall glacier snaking in on the right. IMG_1228 Finally! Proof that we made it to the top: the view of Admiralty Island from the other side. IMG_1229 Admiralty again. IMG_1233 Now Jamison points to where he thinks the hidden lake is. We took the long way. IMG_1235 The hidden lake. Notice the view of the same glacier through the rocks. IMG_1237 Jamison, happy that his legs aren't cramping up like mine are.

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