Marie James' Pay-Off Party       October 2003
(focusing on the Owen family)

par2 Joe is tired. par3 par4 Mary accepts her greandmother's vest. par5 Aunt Pauline accepts her mother's fancy top piece. par6 Tired Joe and shawn prepare for the blanket dance. par7 Dorothy accepts her mother's blanket. par8 Harold sings a song. par9 par10 Shawn doing his sleeping-standing-up thing. par11 It's all a blur to Joe. par12 par13 Greetings! par14 par15 If I move my hands real quick they won't see me slip a few twenties in my pocket... par16 pat Pat pat2 Pat pats the pudge. lady I don't know who she is but she looks content. wolf Harold in wolf's clothing. wolf2 Harold getting ready to freak out a friend. dorothy Dorothy finds her 17th box for her stuff. jean Twin flute tootin' Tagaban. dorothy2 Dorothy gets to wear the big hat. dorothy3 Dorothy pretends to be a halibut. dorothy4 Can I fit this hat in my box? dorothy5 dance the final dance. wolf3 The wolf.

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